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Sn@tch – Destruction – (All colors) Exclusive @ Genre: The Underworld
*Destruction is a new Serpentine Latex Suit. It comes
in 3 colors, Red, Purple and Black, along with the horned
helmet, collar, boots and Applier Huds are Included.
Only $95L’s during the event.*
Sn@tch – Death Angel Wings – Black – Closed
Sn@tch – Burning Love Jewelry Set
*Only wearing the necklace & ring.
Scripted to change size/color.*
Medusa Neko – Devil Tail
*Comes with HUD to
Infected – Soul Tattoo – Medium
*Comes with system layer tattoo
& appliers.*
Maitreya – Lara Body & Hands V3.4 (Mesh)


Tales & Stories – Mini Dress Net Skulls – Black (Mesh)
*Now available.*
RealEvil Industries – Revox Arjen Necklace (Unisex) Exclusive @ Men Only Month
*Men Only Month starts today, July 20th.
The necklace has a male and female
version. With the customization HUD,
there are 6 metal colors & 6 leather
RealEvil Industries – Lux Soleil Anklets (High Feet) @ The Season Story-Summer
*Comes with customization HUD.*
*Comes in Slink or Maitreya.  Only $100L’s.*
Mandala – Steking Ears – Season 5 (Unisex/Mesh)
*Comes with customization HUD.*
Mandala – Okaki Bracelet Set – Black (Mesh)
Truth Hair – Lola – Gingers (Mesh)New Release
WoW Skins – Lara – Bronze Skintone
*Wearing skin #2 & red eyebrows.*
WoW SkinsMaitreya Skin Applier
WoW SkinsSlink Skin Applier
Insufferable Dastard – Wayward Eyes – Leaf
Maitreya – Lara Body V3.4 (Mesh)
Slink – Casual Hands & High Feet V2.1 (Mesh)
Glitterati – Close-up Poses – Pose #11


Beyond Persuasion Design – Nocturnal Enchantment: Raven’s Whispers Gown (Mesh)
*Comes in standard mesh sizes & alpha layer.
Limited quantities remain.*
Beyond Persuasion Design – Get Your Goth On – Gatcha – Scream For Me (Ultra-rare)
*Each try is only $99L’s, are transferable.*
Beyond Persuasion Design – The Eyes Have It! – First Lie
*System & mesh eyes included.*
WoW Skins – Masha – Exclusive @ The Ross Event
*Wearing Masha in bronze.*
WoW Skins – Maitreya Skin Applier
WoW Skins – Slink Skin Applier
Adoness – Valhalla – Greyscale – Exclusive @ The Hair Fair ’15
*Wearing the Shaved Tattoo hair base in black.*
RealEvil Industries – Lux Kalee Set – Exclusive @ The Seasons Story-Summer
*Comes with customization HUD.*
Slink – Casual Left Hand & Bag Right Hand V2.1 (Mesh)
Maitreya – Lara Body V3.4 (Mesh)
Mandala – Steking Ears – Season 5 (Mesh)
*Comes with custumizable HUD.*
Adorkable Poses – Bag Lady II


LePunk – Lingerie Set – Pink – New Release
*Comes with system layers & mesh
body appliers.*
LePunk – Stockings – New Release
*Comes with system layers & mesh
body appliers.*
WoW Skins – Masha – Exclusive @ The Ross Fair
*Wearing bronze skintone.  Skin appliers are
sold separately.*
WoW Skins – Maitreya Skin Applier – Bronze
Truth Hair – Astra – Light Blondes (Mesh)New Release
*This hair is a requested remake & comes with 2
bang options.*
Insufferable Dastard – Wayward Eyes – Leaf – New Release
*Comes with system layer & mesh eyes.*
KC Couture – Luxor Heels – New Release
*Wearing the Slink High Feet version.
Comes with custom HUD.*
Slink – Casual Hands & High Feet V2.1 (Mesh)
Mandala – Steking Ears – Season 5 (Unisex/Mesh)
*Comes with customization HUD.*
Mandala – Lustful Jewelry Set (Unisex)
*Comes with customization HUD.*
Maitreya – Lara Body V3.4 (Mesh)
Glitterati – Pin-up Pose #7&8


LePunk – Bra & Panties – Pink – New Release
*Wearing the bra.  System layers & appliers.*
Sn@tch – Velvet Sweatpants (All Colors/Sizes/Mesh)New Release
*Wearaing the pink.  There is even a star patch
on the left side of the backside.*
Sn@tch – Shining Eyes – (27 Colors)New Release
*Wearing the pale blue/green eyes.
System layers only.*
WoW Skins – Stella – July Group Gift
*Wearing bronze skintone.*
*These nails are on sale for $75L’s during the event.
There are 4 different nail colors to pick from.  My
Slink Obsession runs from July 5th – July 22nd.
I wasn’t able to find the link for My Slink
Obsession, so I used their store link.  Hoping
that it will take to you to the event.*
Truth Hair – Blythe – Variety (Mesh)
KC Couture – Rio Female Slip Flops – Group Gift
*Wearing the Slink Fit shoes.  Come with a
customization HUD.*
Slink – Casual Hands & Flat Feet (Mesh)
Maitreya – Lara Body (Mesh)
Izzie’s – Head & Hands – Pose #7 & #12


Sn@tch – Classic Plaid Mini (All Colors/Sizes)(Mesh)New Release
Sn@tch – Shining Eyes – New Release
*27 colors & system eyes.*
Tales & Stories – Mirror Hippie Shirt (Mesh)
*Now available.*
WoW Skins – Virginia – Bronze Skintone – Exclusive @ The Swank Event
*Mesh body skin appliers sold separately.*
Letis Tattoo – Serenity
*Wearing 50% tattoo.*
Truth Hair – Topaz – Variety (Mesh)
*Wearing Topaz 2 style.*
KC Couture – Celena Heels
*Wearing Maitreya fit heels.*
Maitreya – Lara Body, Hands, & Feet (Mesh)
Magnifique Poses – Gift Pose #3


Sn@tch – Mira Floral Blouse (All Colors)New Sn@tch~n~Grab
*System layers, sleeves, Omega & Slink appliers
are included.  Get your’s for a low price.*
Sn@tch – Zef Jean Capris (All Colors)New Sn@tch~n~Grab
*System layers, Omega & Slink appliers included.
Get your’s for a special low price.*
KC Couture – Freedom Chucks (Unisex)Group Gift
*It does cost $75L’s to join the group,
but well worth it to get these for the
4th of July.  System, and mesh body
different types.  I’m wearing the
Belleza ones.*
Belleza – Amelia – Make-up #1 – New Release
*Also wearaing the blush, freckles,
black brows & lip gloss in the
tattoo layers.*
Belleza – Venus Body V3 (Mesh)
*One of the things I like the most
about this mesh body, is the
differenthand gestures.*
RealEvil Industries – Raven Watch & Bracelet
*Comes with customizable HUD.*
RealEvil Industries – Lux Caged Heart Collar – RLV @ ROMP Event
*Comes with customizable HUD & open collar HUD.*
Mandala – Steking Ears – Season 5 (Unisex/Mesh)
*Comes with a customizable HUD.*
Ikon – Hope Eyes – Blue
*Wearing the mesh eyes.*
Truth Hair – Harley – Variety (Mesh)
Glitterati – La di da Pose #5


{Shameless} Astrea Outfit – Exclusive @ The Olala Event
*System layers, skirt panel & Omega Applier included.
The Olala Event is now open.*
WoW Skins – Lagherta – Bronze Skintone – Exclusive @ The Olala Event
*The Olala Event is now open.*
Dark Passions-Koffin Nails – Carnival Colors – Exclusive For The Body Art Hunt
*Maitreya HUD used.  The Body Art Hunt runs the whole month
of July, which means you have until July 31st.  For hints, please
CLICK HERE.  You’ll find hints for the Slink HUD and Maitreya HUD.*
RealEvil Industries – Lux Caged Heart Collar – RLV @ ROMP Event
*The ROMP Event runs from July 3rd – 17th.  Comes with
its own customizable HUD and Open Collar HUD.*
Beyond Persuasion Design – Jeweled Nights Heels – Midnight Black
*These heels fit Maitreya Tip Toe & Slink High Feet.*
Ikon – Hope Eyes – Blue
*Wearing the mesh eyes.*
Truth Hair – Bronwyn – Browns (Mesh)
Maitreya – Lara Body, Hands & Feet V3.4 (Mesh)
Izzie’s – Head & Hands – Pose #2


AsHmOoT – Belted Asymmetric Dress (Mesh) @ Designer Circle-108th Round

*All sizes included.*

AsHmOoT – Cord High-Top Wedges @ Designer Circle-108th Round

*For Slink High Feet.  Standard sizes included.*

AsHmOoT – Bow & Beads Necklace @ Designer Circle-108th Round

AsHmOoT – Copper Earrings @ Designer Circle-108th Round

AsHmOoT – Bracelets – Gold @ Designer Circle-108th Round

Morphine – Skye – Light Skingtone – June Group Gift

MorphineSlink All-in-one Applier

Truth Hair – Nayeli – Black/Whites (Mesh)

Ikon – Hope Eyes – Blue

*Wearing the mesh eyes.*

Mandala – Steking Ears – Season 5 (Mesh)

*Comes with customization HUD.*

Slink – Physique Body, Casual Hands & High Feet (Mesh)


Tales & Stories – Printed Pants w/HUD (Mesh)New Release
*Knees print change with HUD.  All mesh
sizes included.*
Tales & Stories – Star Stomp Boots w/HUD – New Release
*The HUD allows you to change the
color of the stars, and metal.*
WoW Skins – Mary – Bronze Skintone
*Wearing natural skin.*
WoW Skins – Strong Eyeliner
*Tattoo layer only.*
WoW SkinsMaitreya Skin Applier
Ikon – Hope Eyes – Blue
*Wearing mesh eyes.*
[RunAway] Hair – Robin Hair – Blacks (Mesh)
Maitreya – Lara Body & Hands V3.4 (Mesh)
Mandala – Steking Ears – Season 5 (Unisex/Mesh)
*Comes with customization HUD.*
Mandala – Kyara Bangle Set – Virunga (Mesh)
*Wearing A versioni.*
Mandala – Kamayara Dog Tag Necklace – Silver (Unisex/Mesh)
Mandala – Onliest Necklace Set (All Colors/Mesh)
*Wearing full necklace.  Comes with
customization HUD.*
Izzie’s – Head & Hands Post #6